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Below is an example of what I tell people when they are new to the Network Marketing Industry and try to recruit me even though I am currently partnered with Syntek Global. I ask people these questions and then use my company Syntek Global as an example of an opportunity that can answer all of these questions. You would not BELIEVE their facial expressions when I ask them these questions and how it relates to their company, product, and opportunity they have to offer...LOL...But its the truth these questions will help you pick the right MLM company for you!

Hey there Cornell!
I received your info and have taken a look at the company you now represent. Thanks for sharing the info but at the moment, I’m not interested in a new venture, but I wish you all the best and to your success. Keep doing what you doing! I just wanted to share some info with you on what helps me to decided if a company is a right fit, some things you want to look into before joining to help you make a logical decision, not based on “HYPE”.
There are a few network marketing opportunities that are just scams. There are far more that may be well-intentioned, but have a poor track record, for any number of reasons. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? I have some ten tips to help you pick the right network marketing opportunity for you.

1. Has the company been around for at least 5 years? Syntek Global has been around for 20 years & has been very successful in the fuel industry.
If you want the efforts you put in today to pay off for many years in the future, choose a company that has proven that it will be around for the long term. 90% of all network marketing companies FAIL within their first 2 years. You don't want to invest your precious time and resources (not to mention your future) in something that may not be in business next month, do you?

2. Is the company well capitalized? Yes it is.
In other words, does it have the cash that it will need to grow, to maintain a solid infrastructure, to attract talented management, to keep pace with technology — and, of course, to pay your commissions!
3. Does the company offer products or services that are unique? Yes & we very unique
That is, they're not readily available elsewhere (especially at a discount) and they're not just another "me too" product that has loads of competition.
4. Is there a genuine need for the product or service? Yes, people NEED to SAVE MONEY ON GAS NOW, AND PROTECT their investment (vehicle & home)
You've probably heard horror stories about people ending up with a garage full of expensive water filters - the reason that happens is because only other distributors will purchase the product at that price! Your product or service must fill a REAL need at a fair price - and there should be a large untapped market for it. In other words, it MUST provide tremendous value, so the customer is the biggest winner.
You can't build long term residual income (i.e., your retirement!) if the product or service only has short term appeal (e.g., beany babies, etc.). Think long term instead. Is the product or service something that your customers will continue to use for a long time?
6. Can you generate immediate income? YES. Just using Syntek Global’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment, YOU MAKE MONEY JUST BY USING IT.
So that you can finance your marketing and expansion efforts from cash flow.
7. Does the marketing system take full advantage of technology? YES IT DOES.
Not everyone is a sales type, but ANYBODY can plug into a system and tools that do the selling and sorting for you!
8. Is the person who is introducing you to the opportunity committed to YOUR success? YES I AM. I CAN NOT BE SUCCESSFUL UNLESS YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL.
If they are, the company is strong, and the product or service is a winner, (and, of course, you're willing to learn) you WILL succeed. There's a big difference between a "sponsor" and a "recruiter." A sponsor coaches. motivates and trains and a recruiter just signs people up and in most cases, abandons them.

9. Is there a way to build your business part-time without losing your full time income?
The company must have automated systems that can do the heavy lifting (i.e., selling and sorting) for you so that you can use your limited time efficiently.
10. Will you have FUN? Yes you will, I am!
Although this may not be an element of your current JOB, we think it's important! You should have a lot of fun with your business partners while you work together to build a long term business and your financial army.
So there you have it — ten criteria for selecting a superior network marketing opportunity. Of course, even with a great company, there's no such thing as a free lunch. You WILL have to work! But, with the right opportunity (unlike your job), it won't have to be forever!
And so Cornell, all that I mentioned above is what attracted me to Syntek Global and thousands of others. It already has a proven track record prior to the release to the public, will become a multi-billion dollar company and will be a household name just like ‘GERBER BABY FOOD” MARY KAY, AVON, AMWAY, PRE PAID LEGAL ETC. The difference between us and those companies, we’re in the fuel industry with little to NO competition. XFT is based on a NEED and not a want. Its hightly consumable (RESIDUAL INCOME).  AINT NO “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT OVER HERE” .Co founders have been successful in their careers and bring a lot to the plate.

As you can see I explained to Cornell why I was attracted to Syntek Global. The company's product is based on a need not a want, marketing is easy, and the leadership is great, plus the product has been around for 20 years. The next time you get somebody to that is trying to "recruit" you in their business asked them these questions on the spot and see their responses. If they can't answer the questions with confidence then that is a sign that you shouldn't work with that person. Don't be like Cornell!!!

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